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we are to connect you to the now moment, to provide you with the most up to date best solutions that this century has to offer,  it is time to wake up and it is time for a change .  Eduintel is here for helping every young and adult understand, learn and discover the world today, Our mission is to help you, your school, your community reach a full potential and pursue dreams through education.​

Shared Knowledge is a power to create a better world and better, people


our coming up APP

Eduintel is an Interactive’s immersive virtual platform that enables kids and adults of all ages, to search for a school, centers and educational institutions that offer online, indoor or outdoors courses around their city or the globe, students or parents can then review the location of different institutions chosen by category, the prices, credibility, reviews, date of enrollment and whether the institution offers certified online learning 
student can as well subscribe to our online classroom platform which regroups a large number of well-renowned institutions from all over the globe